The Strike HD encompasses the ultimate combination of performance, durability and outfitting options. Lightning Kayaks are made of super linear HDPE and utilizes a tri-hull design which offers unparallel stability. The aluminum frame seat comes with a comfortable breathable padded mesh fabric and 3 seat positions to accommodate kayakers of all sizes. The Strike HD comes standard with custom Marine Mat flooring system to provide a cushioned area to stand while on the water. The Strike HD features a large rear tank well and two hatches, giving you plenty of storage for a picnic on the beach or an overnight camping trip with the family.

The Strike HD utilizes our Freedom Drive propulsion system. The Freedom Drive simply drops into a pair of secure drive locks, and with a push of the feet, the fins move side-to-side and propel you forward. This side-to-side movement mimics how a penguin's wings allow it to glide through the water. We designed a recess in the hull to allow the Freedom Drive's fins to tuck up and out of the way, allowing for almost zero draft in shallow water, such as when you're launching or landing.

We designed the Strike from the ground up by combining our favorite design features in the kayak industry and improving on the common shortcomings.

Additional Features:

  • 2 - 16” aluminum gear tracks
  • 4 - 8” rear aluminum gear tracks
  • 2 flush mount rod holders


Length 12'6"
Width 34"
Capacity 415 lbs
Hull Weight 82 lbs
Fully Rigged Weight 94 lbs
Construction Rotomolded Super Linear HDPE

Freedom Drive Propulsion

The Freedom Drive keeps your hands free and utilizes your largest muscle group, allowing you to go farther, faster.  The beauty of pedal drive kayaks is their ease of use. There's no "form" to master, therefore no prior experience is necessary to fully enjoy your time on the water. Anyone can hop in the Strike and begin your next adventure.

The Freedom Drive simply drops into a pair of secure drive locks, and with a push of the feet, the fins move side-to-side and propel you forward. This side-to-side movement mimics how a penguin's wings allow it to glide through the water.

Sturdy & Durable Build

The Strike HD pedal kayak for fishing and recreation is made using only durable and sturdy materials that allows it to carry up to 415lbs while ensuring stable standing. It measures in at 12’ 6” making it a great size for fishing or recreational trips.

Simple & Effortless

The Strike HD uses our Freedom Drive Propulsion system which encourages you to use the strongest muscles in your body to effortlessly pedal the kayak when you’re out in the water making it the perfect choice for both beginners and professionals

Comfortable Seating

The Strike comes with a 3-position aluminum frame breathable beach style seat that keeps you comfortable throughout the day whether fishing, taking photos or just having fun on the water. The seat is made of a breathable material to keep you cool on hot days. The 3 position seat system allows you to pick what position meets your comfort. The Strike HD comes standard with custom Marine Mat flooring system to provide a cushioned area to stand while on the water.

More Stability & Control

With the Tri hull design and Freedom Drive Propulsion system, the Strike HD offers more stability which partnered with the hull recessed spring loaded rudder provides
sharp steering, better control and excellent tracking, making it easier to glide through water and navigate for both new kayakers and pros.

All the Storage You Need

The Strike comes with a lot of storage. Our Front hatch is extra roomy to store a lot of your gear. The large rear tank well can fit varying crate storage systems. The Strike is outfitted with 6 gear tracks to mount your fishing and accessories to be within reach.

Important WARNING for California Residents: Learn More

Strike HD - Camo


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