SAVE $400 on LIMITED quantity inventory of cosmetic blemish Nomad Kayaks. Sale valid for pick-up only at our pick-up locations: Minneapolis MN, Conroe TX, Auburndale FL. Available while supplies last. 

The Nomad is your go-anywhere vessel, boasting the ultimate combination of speed, stability and maneuverability. It’s fast enough to reach those birds three miles offshore, stable enough to stand up and sight cast at redfish for hours on end, and nimble enough to pluck largemouth out of those backwater honey holes. 


The beauty of pedal drive kayaks is their ease of use. There's no "form" to master, therefore no prior experience is necessary to fully enjoy your time on the water. Anyone can hop in the Nomad and begin their next adventure! 

The Freedom Drive simply drops into a pair of secure drive locks, and with a push of the feet, the fins move side-to-side and propel you forward. This side-to-side movement mimics how a penguin's wings allow it to glide through the water.

Steering is as easy as a flick of the wrist. The rudder drops down by simply releasing a pull cord in the cockpit, and moving the steering lever left or right turns the boat in that direction.

We combined over 75 years of kayaking experience to design the ultimate sit-on-top kayak hull. The result is a kayak that handles beautifully whether it's being pedaled with your legs or paddled with your arms.



We started with a tried and proven hull design and made improvements based on our combined 75 years of paddling and kayak fishing experience. And the result… is stunning. 

We have redesigned a classic hull and turned something good into something great. The new hull has the perfect rocker to ride smoothly over open ocean swell and yet still track straight as an arrow. We added additional flair to the bow of the boat to keep it as quiet as possible while riding through small wind chop and keep you from spooking the fish that you are stalking. Additionally we increased the hull stability to allow for better stand up sight casting and an overall more secure feeling out in any conditions. This has been a long process and we are super excited to have an amazing new addition to the Lightning Kayaks family.


Other improvements include an oversized transducer pocket beneath the hull provides ample room for even the largest downscan transducers from the best Depth Finders in the industry. 

We ditched the inaccessible front hatch to keep the inside of the hull bone dry on rough days, but with two large tankwells at the bow and stern, there’s plenty of room to store all the gear you’ll need for your next adventure.


Installing a Power Pole Micro Anchor is a breeze thanks to a built-in mounting location at the stern, so you can anchor at the push of a button.


Each of the four flush-mounted rod holders comes paired with an attachment point for a leash, so you don’t have to worry about losing your rods in case of an unsolicited swim session.

Miles of gear tracks allow for unlimited flexibility in mounting your depth finder, camera boom, more rod holders or any combination of accessories you can dream up. 


On impact, the rudder pops up into a protective recess in the hull, preventing damage should you run into obstacles or shallow water.


The Nomad is proudly Made in the USA at our rotomolder in North Carolina. We manufacture it using a super linear high density polyethylene, the exact same material used in kayaks that are double the price of ours.  And we overbuild our boats with a wall thickness above industry standards to handle the rigors of the every day kayaker, not just the weekend warriors.

Nomad Cosmetic Sale - Pick-Up Only (Minnesota, Florida, Texas)

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