At Lightning Kayaks, our mission has always been to get more people on the water. And so, we combined these game-changing concepts to create the most versatile personal watercraft in the world.


The AIR is an inflatable SUP that paddles like a dream. The platform is surprisingly fast, tracks like a dream and offers rock solid stability. Foam padding on the deck makes for a comfortable experience throughout the day, and beautiful aesthetics will have you turning heads as you cruise around. 

But when you throw on the rudder kit, comfort seat and drop in the Freedom drive, the AIR 9 transforms into an entirely new vessel.    

Zoom around your favorite lake or bay while keeping your hands free for whatever activity tickles your fancy, whether that’s photography, bird watching, fishing or just soaking in the beauty around you. There’s no paddling experience required; anyone can hop on the Air 9 and go.


Steering is intuitive with a rudder control right at your fingertips, and both the seat position and Freedom drive adjust to ensure the perfect fit for people of all sizes. A bungee system at the back lets you secure whatever gear or toys you want to bring along for a fun day on the water. And, like everything else we make, we use the highest quality materials available to ensure the Air 9 will hold up trip after trip for years to come.

The best part? The entire system fits into a high quality bag, so you can take it anywhere, no matter the size of your vehicle. 

An electric pump is included, meaning you can inflate or deflate the Air 9 with the press of a button. Setting up the pedal system is a breeze, with no tools required and just a handful of steps between you and a day on the water. In just minutes, you can go from unzipping the bag to paddling away on your next adventure.

We've built a package that has all the gear you need to start exploring immediately. Including everything mentioned above as well as a patch repair kit, and a 3-piece adjustable stand up paddle, suitable for anyone.

So if you’re looking for a fun new way to get on the water with the entire family, look no further than the Air 9.

Pre-order now for delivery by the end of July!



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