Hurricane Ian Kayak DIY Relief


I’m sure a lot of you know Justin at Kayak DIY.  For those of you who don’t, he runs a YouTube channel (Kayak DIY) and does an excellent job promoting the sport of kayaking and providing a lot of content to help the community.  


Justin’s home was severely damaged by Hurricane Ian and Justin and his family need our help. 

While our industry may seem very large from an outside view, it is actually a pretty close group of people and companies.  When something like Hurricane Ian happens, it affects many of our customers and friends.   We are pledging to donate $250 for every online kayak sold through the end of the year to Justin and his family.  Please help us help Justin.  We are a proud Made In The USA company and hope that many of you who are fans of Justin or first time buyers looking to get into the sport will agree that a basic human trait is to help people who are hurting.  We can make a difference. 



Best Regards,

Stuart Lee, President Lightning Kayaks